Augmented Reality

How will augmented reality change the world?

Augmented Reality (AR) is the budding new field that is promising to be the next big revolution in user interface technology. The application of augmented reality is so massive that there already billions of dollars devoted to developing the technology to a level where common men and woman use it in their daily life.

Although there is still a lot of research and development going on in the domain, let us give you a few examples of how augmented reality is changing the world

  1. Enhanced shopping experiences

Ever wanted to try out some new furniture, but always have trouble visualising how it looks in your living room? Thanks to augmented reality technology, you can now virtually place a sofa set right in your living room and see how it looks before you buy it. Didn’t like that color or shape, swap it with another one and see if that fits the decor better. You can do the same with clothing. GAP already has an app that allows you to try on clothes from an AR dressing room.

  1. Contextual Information

 Imagine wearing an AR powered glasses and as you walk through a street searching for a shop that sells a specific brand of toys. Your AR assistant will then recognise your location and visually guide you to the shop by providing an unobtrusive overlay on your glasses. As you pass by a street, you can even read more about what is in it, based on contextual information your AR device makes available.

  1. Location-based AR

In many ways, Pokémon Go made AR famous around the world. The massive popularity and appeal of the app generated is a simple example of what is possible with this new technology. And that is just the beginning of the AR entertainment industry.

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